Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Been a While

The end of the semester is a strange beast. Even this year, when I didn't feel as busy, I didn't seem to find the time to hop on here and blog. But! I have been baking and cooking and so new recipes should appear...soonish. Not to mention, the farmer's markets are starting up and I'm beginning to feel a new blogging-wind coming on (or maybe that's the storm brewing outside). Some recipes I've tried recently that might grace this blog:

Gluten-free vegan naan
Gluten-free vegan blueberry corn muffins
Gluten-free vegan lemon cupcakes with lemon-y frosting
White chocolate popcorn
Vegetable korma
Indian Yellow Spring rice
Black bean hummus

There are others too...but those are the ones I'm most likely to make again and/or already have pictures of! And we all know pictures help make food blogs interesting.

I was talking to Brenna over at Brenna Bakes recently about this notion of food blogging on a very tiny budget, in a state where it's sometimes difficult to get ingredients other people consider "common." And add to the equation: vegetarianism. And, add to the equation: gluten-free and vegan (at least some of the time). Well, you get the picture. That's part of what makes our blogging such an adventure though...and what makes us such a fan of substitutions!

So, I want to hear from you: what are your baking/cooking needs? And where are you baking/cooking from? A student kitchen is very different from a kitchen of someone who's lived in the same apartment for a couple of years and only cooks to impress a new sweetie is very different from the kitchen your mom/dad/grandmother cooked in when you were growing up. What type of recipes are you seeking out?

Me, I'm seeking out gluten-free recipes. I've decided I'm probably gluten-intolerant, but that's just because it seems to make me uncomfortable. So I'm going to try and avoid it, at least for now...and I'm starting to realize how many options that means I lose. You'll continue to find more gluten-free (and likely vegan, though I'm not vegan by any stretch of the imagination) recipes on this blog. If you're gluten-free especially, let me know what you're really seeking a replacement for. I can't promise I'll make it (or that it'll turn out good enough for me to post the recipe), but there's a good shot I'll at least consider giving it a try!

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