Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Follower Drive & a Giveaway

I'm starting a follower drive. I'd like to get to 100+ followers by December 15 and so I'm announcing a follower drive. Here's the catch. If I don't get to 100, then no one gets the giveaway prize, a copy of Simply in Season or Supernatural Everyday (probably my choice, not yours, but we'll see). You can also opt out of this prize and instead I'll use that money to purchase ducks, chicken, or geese from Heifer International for a person in need. So, tell your friends! I'll select one follower, at random, to win (if you select the book, I will need your contact info to get this to you).

How to be entered to win:

1) Become a follower.
2) Comment on at least one post published between now and December 15.
3) Check back on December 16 to see who has been selected the winner.
4) If you are the winner, you must contact me by noon PST on December 17, with your contact info.


Although I love my followers who are outside the US, I cannot ship things to you at this point. I'm sorry. So, know that I am very grateful to your loyalty and I hope to be able to include you in the giveaways soon. If outside the US and you're selected the winner, I will make a gift to Heifer International of Ducks, Chicken, or Geese in your name (your choice of animal).


  1. Very cool. I want a duck! (Or want someone else to have my duck!) Also, your coconut crust, chocolate pie is inspiring. I have a lot of Almond Joys left over from Halloween; maybe I will have to find a use for them...

  2. Lol. I miss you Annie! There was a candy-pie my parents made once or twice when I was a kid. It used...milk duds, not almond joys, but I'll have to see if I can find it, replicate it, post it, and do it not using milk duds, because I don't like those. Almond Joys on the other hand...

    I look forward to reading about what YOU do with your Almond Joys. =)