Sunday, December 18, 2011

Product Review: Hickory Smoked Tofu Jerky

When I moved from the Midwest to the West, my then-Co-op gave me a goodie bag of "food for the road," which I very much appreciate, and which I steadily worked on during the drive. One of the things I didn't get to though was the tofu jerky, by Primal.

Today, however, I did try it -- the Hickory Smoked version, which is gluten-free. And it was excellent. It pulled apart nicely, had the correct amount of tender-versus-chewy, created little strands that I could imagine (because I've never tried it) are reminiscent of real jerky, and had 10 grams of protein.

The hickory smoked taste wasn't overwhelming--I do like "smoked" things though--and I noticed definite bits of black pepper in the jerky, which I found added a pleasant spice and, of course, a lot of flavor. I would try other flavors of Primal's jerky, as long as they were also gluten-free versions (I know some versions aren't), if only they were a little more affordable. At my current co-op, the price runs about $1.25, and that's about the same price I've seen them other places.

I like that these are just the perfect size to pack for hiking (yes! hike more!), lightweight, and definitely not messy (minus the packaging). They also inspire me to try making my own tofu jerky, which I talked about in some detail with a friend this past summer, but never tried (I don't think either of us tried it, actually).

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