Thursday, February 3, 2011

Product Review: Trader Joe's Almond Butter with Roasted Flaxseed

Okay, so I don't normally go for product reviews on other blogs and so the fact that I'm writing one speaks to how much I love this stuff. I found this almond butter about a year ago at a Trader Joe's in Charlotte, NC and have been hooked ever since (if only there was a TJs closer to me!).

But for a while the almond butter disappeared from shelves and it seemed people everywhere were posting on the Internet trying to figure out when it would be back or where they could order the name-brand equivalent (as far as I could tell, no one knew a name-brand equivalent).

Why was there so much commotion? This almond butter has actual flavor, unlike some I've tried, probably because it contains salt. The flax seeds are an interesting touch (but probably don't really add that many Omega-3s if we're all honest with ourselves). I appreciate the slightly crunchy texture and the rich almondy-ness of the butter. Even refrigerated (which it needs to be once you've opened it and stirred in the oils), this almond butter remains soft enough to actually spread on most breads without ripping them. It offers a nice alternative to peanut butter--(so does TJs Sunbutter, made from sunflower seeds)--and it bakes beautifully into cookies.

I prefer this almond butter for nut-butter sandwiches over peanut butter because of the richer flavor I feel like it provides (and I must disclose that I think I have a pretty decent source of peanut butter from my local foods co-op). Since I don't currently have a bottle of TJ's almond butter (the nearest TJs is a dedicated drive away), I used a picture from this blog, Hangry Pants! I certainly hope they don't mind--which is why I want to make sure I give them credit.

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